Steps to Free Up Storage Space Before Upgrading your iOS

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free up iPhone storage
free up iPhone storage

If you want to upgrade your iOS, the iPhone users have to make sure that they have enough storage space on their device. They may store too many photos, songs, videos, or other files that make their storage full. In order to free up the iPhone storage, you can delete your files.

In addition, you can synchronize it to your computer with iTunes. To manage your iPhone storage, you can use iTunes or iPhone file managers from the third party. Here we try to present four simple methods to free up the iPhone storage space.

  • Copy your files to Computer and Delete from your iPhone.

If you do not want to lose your files such as photos and videos, you can connect your device to your computer by using USB cable. Then, you can copy and paste your photos from iPhone Camera Roll to the computer. This method is efficient way to store your photos and videos to free up the iPhone storage space. This way you can back up iPhone data to computer.

  • Synchronize your iPhone with iTunes.

You have to be very cautious if you want to manage iPhone storage by using iTunes. Some files such as movies and music can be synced with iTunes. But, during the synchronizing process, iTunes may delete the files on your iPhone. So, if you do not want to lose the files you want to keep, you can do this setting: Edit > Preference > Devices. Then, check Prevent iPhones from syncing automatically.

So, whenever you re-sync iPhone with iTunes, you can choose the different media files. This way, iPhone storage space will not be used with media files. You are allowed to select the files you want to transfer to iPhone.

  • Delete all the data from iPhone.

Another method to free up iPhone storage space is by deleting all contents in your device. To use this method, you can do this following steps: Settings > General > Reset. Then, tap Erase All Content and Setting.

  • Use iPhone File Manager to manage your storage.

You can use iPhone file manager software from the third party such as Leawo iTransfer. This tool can help you to manager iPhone media files. You can transfer the files among iOS devices by using this software. Besides, iPhone users are also able to transfer the files to iTunes and computer even they do nit use iTunes. You can take the full control of all the files in your iPhone. You can select whether you want to transfer the files or delete them.

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