Smart Software to Boost Your Performance on Task Management

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task management software
task management software

If you want to be more productive in your job, you need to install some software to your laptop. By using smart software, you will be able to perform the tasks efficiently. It is because the productivity is a must in any organization and business.

Productivity does not only mean to be able to perform the tasks completely. It also deals with the time frame used. The faster you can finish your task, the better performance you can do. In other words, your company also can meet its goal. Through this article, we list down some recommendations of productivity software for Project and Task Management.

  • Monday dot com

This software is created to give the solution for the team management. It allows the users to connect to their workplace. Money dot com has been used in more than 140 countries. This software user interface is very impressive and intuitive. It offers the best user experience for task management platform. This software includes the customization, usability, group management, admin control, private control, and in group massaging.

  • Asana

This software allows the team from different organization to work together easily and effortlessly. Asana dashboard lets the users see the progress of the projects. This tool can be used for Android and iOS apps.

  • Trello

This tool was created in 2010. Only in 2 years, this software has 500.000 members. This tool is useful for marketing, sales, and HR to collaborate completing the project. Trello can be integrated with Slack, Google Drive, Jira and many more. The user interface is simple and containing assignments, due dates, checklist, file storage, etc.

  • Jira

Jira allows the users to design the software based on the team’s need. The tool includes the visibility to long term project roadmaps, goals, the work status, and real-time information.

  • Evernote Business.

Evernote was created in 2008. In 2011, it could reach 11 million users. Evernote has a goal to increase the speed and volume of information. It can help the team to complete the project easily. It can be used together so that even all the team members are not in the same place, they still can be able to work together.

That’s all some software and apps that can be used to boost your productivity in managing your task or job. Make sure before installing the apps above, your device has enough storage to avoid being lag. If you use iPhone, make sure that your iPhone storage or iCloud storage has much space. If not, you need to free up iPhone storage.

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