iPhone Hidden Features After iOS 14 Update

iOS 14 features after update
iOS 14 features after update

iOS 14 updates for your phone is available. You must be excited since this new OS offers many interesting features such as privacy improvement, home screen widget, and more apps. If you use the old version iPhone, you can update its OS into iOS 14. But, if you purchase iPhone 12, you will be able to enjoy all features of iOS 14 on it.

So, what are the hidden features offered by iOS 14? Check this out.

  • Set the default web browser and email.

Apple gives the users some control over the default web browser and email. For instance, you can set Chrome as your default browser and Outlook as your default email app. However, there is a bug in this OS that can reset the default app choice after you reset the device. But, Apple has been already aware to this problem and will fix it. At present, only Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Hey Email, and Outlook that are included to the default toggle.

  • Get Rid of app on Home Screen

iOS 14 offers new look of App Library. Now, iPhone App Library serves as App drawer. It allows you to ditch home screen that are full of apps. You can send the app to App library and hide the apps on the home screen. This feature makes your iPhone more customizable.

  • Send newly downloaded app to App Library.

After you install new app, it will be available on your home screen. But, if you want to make your homescreen clean, you can send the newly downloaded app directly to Library Apps after downloading.

  • Hide some photos.

iOS 14 lets the users to hide certain photos. But, usually, you will be difficult to find it. But, iOS 14 offers an option to hide your hidden album. This way, you really can hide any photos that you don’t want anyone to see.

  • Picture in picture feature.

You can set Picture in Picture mode for using FaceTime or watching video. Unfortunately, YouTube App does not support this feature. But, you can watch YouTube video in Safari then, you can swipe it up to go back to your home screen.

  • Doing trigger action by double tap on the back of iPhone.

This new feature is called as Back Tap. You can double or triple tap the back of iPhone to trigger the system features such as Control Center or launch the shortcut.

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