How to Upgrade iCloud Storage Capacity for iPhone Users

upgrade icloud storage
upgrade icloud storage

You must be upset when you lose your iPhone but you do not back up your files yet. In this situation, you not only lose your device. But, you also lose your valuable files including contacts, photos, as well as videos. If you do not want this terrible thing occurs, you have to back up the files stored in your iPhone constantly.

There are some methods of backing up your files. First, you can store your files into iCloud service. Besides, you also can back up your files on Google Cloud or Amazon Web Service Cloud. But, this kind of services are not free of charge. You have to pay the storage space each month. If you do not want to pay the cloud service, you can back up your files manually by moving it to your computer.

Actually, Apple gives 5 GB storage space on iCloud for free. But, this storage space is not enough to save all of files. That is why you need to upgrade your storage space. How to upgrade it? check the simple guideline below.

  • Open Setting on your iPhone
  • Go to Your Name then go to iCloud.
  • Manage your storage or iCloud storage.
  • Choose the option to buy more storage or change your storage plan.
  • Select the storage plan that is suitable for your need. Most people are enough by using 200 GB storage plan.
  • Click on Buy and then, you can follow the instructions on your screen.

Those are the simple ways to upgrade the iCloud storage plan for your iPhone. The larger storage you have, you will be able to store more photos, wallpaper, videos, documents, contacts, and other files. By subscribing iCloud service, you can take photos as many as you want and download wallpaper apps for your iPhone.

However, if you feel that you do not want to pay more for iCloud service, you can hook up your device to your computer and back up your files manually. Even this process takes too much time, you can rely on this manual process if you do not want to spend any dollar each month. Here are we list down some simple steps to back up your files to your MacBook.

  • Connect your device to MacBook or another computer.

If your MacBook uses macOS Catalina 10.15, you can open Finder. However, if you are using MacBook with MacOS Mojave 10.14 or earlier system, you can open iTunes with your computer.

  • The computer will display a pop-up dialog box. You can select Trust This Computer. Then, you can enter a device passcode. After that, just follow the onscreen steps.
  • You should find your iPhone on the computer.
  • Select Back Up Now. When the process is completed, you can check whether is is finished by checking your computer on the last backup.

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