How to Free Up iCloud Storage on iPhone

how to free up icloud storage
how to free up icloud storage

Not enough storage problem is such a frustrating issue for iPhone users. Especially for those who do not have enough memory to store their files. Even they use iCloud backup, sometimes they still face this matter.

When they run out the storage in their iCloud, the device will not be able to back up their files to iCloud. The new videos or photos will not be uploaded to iCloud Photo Library. In addition, iCloud Drive as well as iCloud apps will not update to their device. Also, iPhone users will not be able to send and get the message when they use iCloud email address.

To avoid this problem, iPhone users should learn the way to free up iCloud storage. Here we list down the simple ways to free up iCloud storage for iPhone and iPad users.

  • Delete iCloud backups.

If iPhone users backup their data to iCloud, all data such as pictures, photos, and videos will be stored automatically into iCloud storage. So, if they need to free up the iCloud storage, they have to delete iCloud backup. This way, iCloud will stop backing up your documents automatically.

  • Reduce iCloud Photo Library size.

To reduce it, you can delete some photos or videos that you do not want to store it on your device. After deleting your files, you still can recover the deleted files from Recently Deleted Album for 30 days. But if iPhone users exceed the iCloud storage limit, the device will remove all deleted photos and videos permanently. This way, they will not be able to recover it on Recently Deleted Album.

  • Reduce Photo Library Size.

This step is for iPhone users who do not use iCloud Photo Library. To reduce the size of photo library, you can transfer photos and videos files into PC. Besides, you also can delete it to reduce Photo Library Size. You can back up iOS device manually before you upgrade iOS. But if you want to keep the videos and photos on your device, you should turn off the Photo Library in Backup. Just delete the photos and videos you do not want to keep.

  • Delete your Email on iCloud.

Another way to free up iCloud storage space is by deleting email messages from iCloud email account. But, if you ant to keep the important emails, you can move the email from iPad, iPhone, or iPod to PC or MacBook.

  • Upgrade iCloud Storage Plan.

Apple provides free 5GB iCloud storage for the iPhone users. If you think 5GB is not enough, you can upgrade the storage plan. Apple provides three plans. You can buy 50 GB for $0.99, 200 GB for $2,99, and 1 TB for $9.99 for one month.

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