How to Back Up iPhone Data to iCloud with Ease

icloud backup
icloud backup

Losing your iPhone may be the most terrible thing ever. When you lose your device, you will automatically lose any files on it. You may lose your contacts, photos, and videos. But, if you want to prevent this bad thing, you can use iCloud storage to back up your file.

iCloud can store your valuable data for free or for monthly cost. If you use iCloud storage, you do not need to sync your iPhone to your computer to move and save your documents. You can set your iPhone so that iCloud service will back up your files constantly. So, if your iPhone is stolen or lost, you will be able to get your files back.

Setting up iCloud service for your iPhone is very easy. Here is the simple guideline to set up iCloud for your device.

  • Your iPhone must be connected to Wifi.
  • Go to Setting > Your Name> iCloud.
  • Select iCloud Backup.
  • Click on Back Up Now. When the backup process is ongoing, your device must stay connected to Wifi.

By doing the steps above, the files on your iPhone will be transferred to the cloud. If you are too lazy to back up your files manually, it will be better if you set up automatic backups. This way, you do not need to worry to lose your photos and contacts.

If you want to set up automatic backup to iCloud, you can do the steps below. Make sure that you select the best iCloud storage that fits your need.

  • Go to Setting.
  • Go to Your Name
  • Select iCloud
  • iCloud backup and be sure that you turn on the backups.

With the simple guideline above, your files on your iPhone will be restored to iCloud every day. You do not need to go to setting to backup your files manually.

But there is something you have to take a note. Apple provides 5GB iCloud storage for free for iPhone users. But, this capacity is too little to keep all of your files including photos, videos, contacts, and documents.

So, you have to upgrade your iCloud storage plans. To purchase 50 GB storage capacity for a month, you must spend 99 cent. For the larger capacity, you can have 200 GB by spending $3 for a month. If it is not enough yet, you can try 2 TB storage space by spending $10 per month.

Having your files backed up in iCloud storage is the best way to keep your files. Backing up your data is also necessary to do before you upgrade iCloud storage.

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