Amazing Wallpaper Apps for your iPhone

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wallpaper apps for iPhone
wallpaper apps for iPhone

Wallpaper is the most interesting part when you first open your iPhone. Once you pick up your device, the first you see on screen is a wallpaper. In order to get amazing wallpaper on your screen, you can download wallpaper manually from Aol Desktop Gold Support or use wallpaper app.

If you prefer downloading wallpaper manually, you can search image on Google by using the keyword Wallpaper for iPhone. Then, you will find many websites providing billions wallpaper with various themes.

However, if you do not bother yourself to download iPhone wallpaper manually, you can try to install great wallpaper app to give you many wallpaper choices. Listed below, we have presented some of the best wallpaper app that you can try.

  • Vellum Wallpaper

Vellum wallpaper can be one of the best wallpaper application. This app offers HD wallpapers with high-quality picture. It also offers hundreds amazing and stunning images from various designers and artist. Vellum also offers a huge variety options you can choose. Vellum also offers a blurring tool. This way, you can customize any image. You can use blurred gradient so that you will have stunning home screen wallpaper.

  • Everpix

If you are searching for 4K, high quality, HD, and Retina wallpapers, you can try Everpix. It has thousands high quality wallpapers for any theme. You are able to search any image collection based on the category. Then, you will have a cool home screen wallpaper. If you use the free version, you will see some occasional ads on this app. But, if you do not want to see any ad, you can upgrade it into Premium subscription.


This wallpaper app is suitable for iPhone users who likes scientific images. By using WLPPR, you can find thousands collection of high quality images about geography and outer space. The images on this app are collected from satellite. This wallpaper apps is also very informative. You not only can get the amazing images but also the relevant information about the object and location.


If you want to use a simple wallpaper app, can be your choice. This application has a simple user interface so that the users will be able to navigate easily. You can find out wallpaper display on the main screen of the app. It offers the newest to the oldest wallpaper. Just scroll down to get the wallpaper that suits you. After finding the wallpaper that you like, you can tap it to see how the image look as your home screen. If you are satisfied with it, you can save the wallpaper and use it for your lock screen or home screen image.

  • Walli

If you are searching creative wallpaper from artist, you can use Walli. Any wallpaper that you find on this app will not be duplicated on other sites or wallpaper apps. This way, you will be able to have stand out wallpaper among the crowd.

Those are some wallpaper apps for your iPhone. Do not forget to upgrade iPhone to iOS 14 to enjoy more interesting features.

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