iPhone Hidden Features After iOS 14 Update

iOS 14 updates for your phone is available. You must be excited since this new OS offers many interesting features such as privacy improvement, home screen widget, and more apps. If you use the old version iPhone, you can update its OS into iOS 14. But, if you purchase iPhone 12, you will be able … Read more

Amazing Wallpaper Apps for your iPhone

Wallpaper is the most interesting part when you first open your iPhone. Once you pick up your device, the first you see on screen is a wallpaper. In order to get amazing wallpaper on your screen, you can download wallpaper manually from Aol Desktop Gold Support or use wallpaper app. If you prefer downloading wallpaper … Read more

How to Free Up iCloud Storage on iPhone

Not enough storage problem is such a frustrating issue for iPhone users. Especially for those who do not have enough memory to store their files. Even they use iCloud backup, sometimes they still face this matter. When they run out the storage in their iCloud, the device will not be able to back up their … Read more